Nail Guns Flaws:

  • Inaccurate therefore provide wrong nail placement and sloppy installation. 
  • Such flaws include: over driven nails, under driven nails, crooked nails, and nails installed in the wrong area of the product.
  • The force of impact damages the asphalt around the nail diminishing the strength of the shingle and nail. 
  • Lowers wind resistance of shingle 

Why we hand nail...

Most new roof or replacement roof failures are a result of improper installation and not defective manufactured shingles.

When a roofer hand nails each and every shingle, you can count on the shingle being in place and installed correctly. Hand-Nailing insures that attention to detail is keen for the best possible angle nail is driven in, fasteners location along the nail line, and last but not least how far a nail is driven into the shingle. A hand driven nail can only be set flush because the hatchet is larger than the nail and guarantees that each nail is properly seated.  Air guns were brought into the roofing industry with the thinking that it would speed-up roofing timing and allow any laborer to install shingles. Does this sound like a tool for perfection? When talking about the negatives of the air gun which there are a lot, we begin with the pace of work. Since the air guns allow a roofer to move at a faster pace this opens many new errors leading to irreversible mistakes, and for installation checkpoints to be overlooked. On each shingle there is a very slim narrow nailing zone that is used for a nail to hit directly or hitting both laminate sections. When using an air gun, there is a tendency to miss these narrow ½” strips causing the shingle to be applied incorrectly, and later shift. Air gun installers can get lazy not installing nails at the proper angle, thus possibly voiding your manufacturer’s warranty.  The security the warranty gives you is pointless if the shingle is not applied correctly.  Why settle for less? Republic Roofing co. will always hand nail their products because we insist on doing it right!

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